Gaysi Podcast 11.0 : Marriage of Convenience

Alrighty then!

We’re back, like Arnold keeps coming back (he doesn’t know when to stop, and we don’t either…yaaaaaah), with our very first podcast of 2015!

<insert thundering applause>

Our usual queer suspects – MJ & Priya, get into it with Sonal Giani and Kanishk Chaudhary, with a cameo by Tulsi Mehta. And this time they’re talking about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you and me.  Marriage of Convenience!

Marriage of Convenience. Also known as MOC. But is it really? Convenient, that is? Seems to us that it’s convenient for everyone but the poor couple. Then why do people do this, you ask? (Good question. You get 178953 points for that!) That is exactly what we wanted to figure out.

Sooooo we got down to talking about this pink elephant in the room (pink, because it’s gay, damn it.) And covered some pretty pertinent questions. Is this arrangement problematic? Is it okay if it’s convenient for both parties and not just one person? Why do we think this should not happen? If we allow queer people to get into an MOC, will it dilute our fight against 377? And of course, the big one — are people who get into MOCs victims or villains?

The podcast gang had some mixed opinions, as usual. Opinions were flung back and forth. And MJ was being, well, MJ. Listen as our podcasters put on their rainbow-coloured gloves and hash it out!

(Disclaimer: No Kanishkas were harmed in the making of this podcast.)


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