Gaysi Podcast 12 : Bullying of LGBT Youth In India

We might think that bullying is a game, an inconsequential activity restricted to the playgrounds and the walls of the school compound, but the reality is far from it. Ever wondered what does bullying look like in college? How deep can the wounds of the same be and how substantial its aftereffect?

Listen to this podcast where Gaysi invited four students from Ruia College to talk about their experience of bullying.

And oh boy – these students did talk and how! From calling women “a flat screen” to being taunted for being too tall or not fit enough, from being outed without their consent to being isolated by their peers for expressing their romantic inclination for a same sex person – these girls have poured out their hearts and have shown the scars they’ve gained while being on the ephemeral journey we call the College life!

Listen to this refreshingly honest conversation, and tell us what do you think. Does bullying still feels like a child’s play to be ignored?

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