Gaysi Podcast 4.0 : Coming Out (Part 1)

Come out! Come out! where ever you are….

A month or so ago, Five of us …yes! Five spanking HOT gaysis got together one Saturday across 4 timezones for a near-2-hour Skype call discussion on Coming Out. After a ridiculously amazing conversation that was 4-5 podcasts worth covering the queer spectrum from end to end on we find out that…

We aren’t Gay.

Just kidding. Actually it was funnier…

Snarky ( not Smart ) Editor, Broom forgot to press the Record button.

So last week after rescheduling shenanigans we gave it another go.  Now thats what you call commitment to hearing the sound of our own voices! This time Broom and Shri were discarded couldn’t make it… but …but … we had:

Rashmi the Ravishing ! Our Special Guest *trumpets! fanfare!* Deen the Delicious ! and Me! QC the…Queer?

And it was awesome. WE were awesome.

So go right ahead and lend us your ears for Part 1 of a 2 Part series on Coming Out – Enjoy!




Note from the Snarky Editor:

Dear gaysis, I did NOTforget to press the RECORD button’. QC lies.
I have the recording of that fabulous conversation to prove it. My flaw was that I had plugged in my headphones while on the skype call and so only my voice was picked up by the mike. So there’s this long recording of me saying intelligent things and then long silent pauses where you can’t hear the somewhat ok responses of everyone else (other than Deen – who is clearly a smart cookie!) and then you hear me laugh at something, then silence… You get the drift…

I screwed up, dear gaysis. But I did NOTforget to press the RECORD button’. QC lies.

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