Gaysi Podcast 5.0 : The Indecent Podcast (Part 1)


3..2…1 …Listen to our sexy voices…

Thats right peeps, we’re back ! With a brand new podcast ! And this time… Its positively scandalous…*rawwwr*

Broomy, MJ & Chicklet got together one sunday sunshine…wait for it…wait for itIn.The.Same.Room. *trumpets* …While I transmitted my damning good looks across the oceans playing the envious babysitter. So damning that when UK-return Broomy cast her eyes upon my hazy blurry Skype frozen image…She swooned. It was a good omen… for the podcast.

Why? Because the topic was: How to woo Indian women ?

In true Gaysi fashion, we spoke about everything but that.

Much shenanigans ensued … [ when does it not ?] …with us [read: MJ] …  offending – oh, pretty much everybody. If you are queer, not so queer, north indian , south indian, NRI , an animal, a tree in a bollywood film – this podcast is not for you. Which naturally means you are now going to listen to it. Hah.

Seriously though –  there is nothing serious about this podcast.

So lock away your common sense and hackles and listen at your own risk …

for we sure do know we post this particular podcast…at ours! *evil cackle*



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