Gaysi Podcast 5.0 : The Indecent Podcast (Part 2)

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Just when you thought we were BAD … We (MJ) get BADDER

Now that you have been listening to our podcasts for a while, you may notice a pattern… every podcast starts off with MJ saying something blasphemous and Broomy requesting it to be edited out. Which I never do. And Chicklet has usually crawled beneath a piece of furniture a few minutes in. Its the way we roll.

This podcast is no different and filled with raucous un/truths …unedited. Now some of you may wonder after hearing this may wonder what was in the water that day.

But we (MJ) are just all about entertainment ! showmanship ! giving you listeners the best bang for your buck ( yeaaaah baby ) !

So listen on as we offend everyone for a good time ! *wink wink*



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