Gaysi Podcast 7.0 : Gay Marriage

Its summer and its Wedding Season ! Yay ! (Or if you are on the meat market…you have our sympathies)

On this edition of the Gaysi Podcast, we delve into the topic of Gay Marriage with a stunning cast of chatterboxes …from the happily “settled”  like:

Broomy (Is she really settled? perhaps this is all a phase? Tune in to hear Broomy discuss her 6 year lesbian experiment! A Gaysi Exclusive!)

… Pink Freud, who joins us as a special guest! (and tells us the woes of having to do AND fold the laundry in his relationship- a tell all !)

To the staunchly single:

MJ (who once considered marrying…a man! Gasp! Enough said)

Chicklet (with a big confession …she wants a Big.Fat.Gaysi.Wedding and won’t settle for less. Good luck with this one ladies!)

and myself, QC ! (who is on the market for a pet or a wife…no! no! no double entendres here!)

So, kick back and listen in while we chat about Gay matrimony’s smiles, frowns and upside downs. Enjoy and as always, chime in below!


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