Gaysi Podcast 8.0 : My Big Fat Gay!

Nope. I didn’t skip the wedding.

Greetings Gaysis! As summer sadly winds down and we start looking ahead to getting rid of our sexy beach bodies and piling on the pounds over the winter – we are now at a time when we must ponder our soon-to-be chubby selves !

As someone presently and delightfully round, I beat you all to it. So I take it upon myself to impart wise words of rolly-pollyness in the form of a brand new podcast. If Chicklet tells you it was her idea – Ignore her. She is still woefully thin.

Joining myself and limelight stealer Chicklet we have…

*drumroll*… of A Letter On Being Fat fame ….

*in lights* Nilofer ! *applause*

In many ways, this podcast is an Ode to Fat of all forms, gay or not, trans or not [pun really unintended!].  However, what we really get into is – Why is Fat…wrong ? Ostracized ? Disliked ? Frowned upon ? Everyone else’s business?

Truth is the chubbiest baby in the room is likely the most adorable.  The roundest uncle you know is also in all probability the funniest.  The fat kid in school now is arguably the nicest. The overweight colleague is with little dispute the most generous. We have all had good experiences with fatness and fat folks. Yet – its a no-no. Throw it into the queer community and we have got ourselves a fabulous potboiler of discrimination of our own.

So join Nilofer, Chicklet and myself in wondering out loud … Why !



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