Gaysi Podcast 9.0 : Interested In Funk Mixes?

Fishead : MJ, Chicklet, I make mixes. Deep and progressive house mixes. Some chill-out also. Some funk as well.

MJ, Chicklet : Oh yeah? What’s that?

Fishead : Basically dik-chik but smoother and nicer. And sexy too.

Fishead : Can I put em up on Gaysi?

Fishead : I’m a bit fed up of Madonna and Jab we Met remixes at gay parties. Maybe other people are too. Also Salman sucks.

*MJ goes red and pulls out a stone-age club out of her pants. Chicklet calms her down and puts stone-age club back in her pants.*

Fishead : *With big puppy eyes* I’ll mix in an EDM track requested by a Gaysi user every month? Plus I’ll make nice posters for you.

MJ : Ok, but no more Salman bashing.

Fishead : Ok.

Note – The first ten minutes of the mix keeps it deep, and the funk kicks in after, peaking at about 30 minutes. If you like a track, just throw in a comment and I’ll put the tracklist out.

**The copyright of all tracks used in this podcast belongs to their respective owners. This mix is solely intended for listening and not for commercial use**


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