Gaysi Presents Dirty Talk 9.0 (LGBTQ Open Mic) On 17th September

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Dear Dirty Talk Fans,

Allegedly someone has been floating a rumor that Dirty Talk is making a come back soon. Like all good celebrities and Bill Clinton, we are here to face the cameras and put the rumor to rest. Yes it’s true, Dirty Talk is indeed back. Ok fine, maybe we were the ones who floated the rumor but isn’t that how it works in the entertainment business? If you want to be talked about, float your own rumor. Or have we been hallucinating this advice?

Meh, it doesn’t matter. The little people in our heads rarely give us bad advice. Back to the topic now! We searched high and low (mostly low as you know one of our team members is vertically challenged) for some hidden talent, and we’ve got some real amazing talent for you. There will be singing, crying, laughing, dramatic breaking of bangles on the floor, and even a unicorn riding a tricycle while juggling teapots.

To name a few, we have Zoya Mohan with her dreamy voice, The Yellow Diary with their debut performance, Sofia Ashraf, Puja Sarup AKA Shammi Kapoor, Mansi Multani, and finally Aadar Malik with a surprise performance.

Most importantly is that this Dirty Talk marks the return on the notorious Rohini! Like a giant Godzilla type slayer from a 50’s monster movie, she is back to whip the dirty out of all of us. Excited??? We are!

However, you may want to consider buying a ticket before they are all sold out. Click here and book your spot today!

If you have any questions or complaints please feel free to address them to Chicklet Chopra via email or Facebook. Sherlock and MJ are out drinking pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

As for all the other details, here you go:

Date: 17th September, 2016
Entry fee: Rs. 400
Venue: Cafe La Ruche, 33, New Link Mall, 3rd Floor, Linking Road, Bandra West, Above Bandra Starbucks.
Doors open at 6:30
Happy Hour: 6:30-7:30
Performances begin at 7:30

Ticket Purchase:

Tickets available:
For queries, email us at or call us on 9820444042.


– Right of admissions reserved.
– No illegal substances are allowed to be carried in or used at the venue. Violators will be asked to leave.
– You must be 21 & above to attend. Please bring ID’s and drink permits.

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