Gaysi Presents Triple Bill : Tasting

They say the best things in life happens in three’s.

It began as a lark and then turned into a triple celebration.
A sentence and a love for sesame oil, writing prose and romantic fiction turned into a minefield of emails that cut through borders and timezones.

The challenge was simple. The opening and finishing paragraphs were defined

The starting lines: There are few words to describe the smell of sesame oil. And I don’t have them…

The ending lines: And my mouth was on hers. Tasting.

From Queer Coolie’s love of cooking to Tappy’s addiction to massages to Lady Jughead’s love of all things descriptive… we present our triple bill. Three stories with different perspectives…erotica, romance, and much banter to tease your senses!

This also coincides with Gaysi’s 3rd year anniversary. A big round of applause to the Gaysi team, contributors, our lovers and even haters. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you. Your bouqets (and some brickbats) got us this far and we are truly grateful for it. We hope that the next year will be bigger and better and you’ll continue to support us through your love and honesty.

Our Triple Bill special will be presented in three installments (one every other day) for your prolonged pleasure. So do check back frequently for a new and tantalising story.

Tasting (Party 1) : By Queer Coolie

Tasting (Part 2) : By Tappy Tippy 

Tasting (Part 3) : By Lady Jughead


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