#GaysiSnippets: Featuring 6 Coming Out Stories

More often than we realise, it’s the tiny stories that make up our big world. Coming to think of it, we are all just a few words and images apart from one another. So why not share these experiences and create a common pool where all of us could reflect?!

Gaysi Family invites you to submit your tiny stories through words and/or images. These stories are your stories and could be about anything under the world!! The best ones would be included in the upcoming issue of The Gaysi Zine. Send in your sometimes poignant, sometimes witty, but always human tiny stories. (Email us: gaysifamily[at]gmail[dot]com.)


Gaysi Snippets by: Minazuddin Kazi & Ayush Bhagat

Artwork by: Sakshi Jalan
I’m a 20-year-old design student, whose life functions out of to-do lists. I proudly call myself an art-nerd, a dreamer and a thinker. Growing up in Calcutta and being in love with the city inculcated in me a deep admiration towards my culture which is evident in my work. When I’m not making art, I like to collect stamps and postcards and lose myself in new adventures. Instagram handle: @sak.shy. Art Instagram: @doodlinglifeaway.

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