Gentle Or Aggressive?

* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content

I am the aggressive kind in bed. I love to bite. I suck hard. I jump from top to bottom like a bulldozer. And by God how I dig the sound of a rocking bed! Not bragging here ladies but the nick name, Baby Sher comes from years of roaring experiences.

The woman I am dating, on the other hand is the gentle kind. She likes to take her time. Soft caresses and gentle kisses are her expertise among many other things * wink * * wink *. And don’t even get me started on the doggy style.

So yes, as you get the picture and no I am not referring to your now raging hormones, we two complement each other well IMHO.

However at times even the mighty can be in for a rude shock…

There we were lying in bed after yet another successful Simba & Nala romping session. Getting a little too big headed (probably some orgasm related dizziness) Baby Sher crossed over to the dangerous Elephant Graveyard, all thanks to nonstop self bragging bullshit.

Once the last drop of patience was exhausted, my Nala turned in to a ruthless hyena. Shenzi, Banzai or Ed; take your bloody pick. I was told informed of the following;

Not all women only enjoy an aggressive approach

Gentle can be equally and at times even more satisfying for the other

Being aggressive is a turn on. But being gentle is more like free falling.

I aka Baby Sher yani the ultimate piece of hot arse in desi-lezziedom, unfortunately lacked this fine art.

Now it’s another story that we spent the next couple of hours in the teacher student “Gentle Gyaan” study class. I mean hum bhi after all Baby Sher hain.

But all said and done, I am not convinced. I still believe being aggressive is far too sexy and superbly passionate than being gentle with your partner in bed. Now I am not discounting the other approach, it has its benefits but I cannot imagine a heated night of intimacy without a hickey to show off from it the next day.

Now all those in favour kindly put your hands up!

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