Good Girl Gone Bad?

Being a good girl takes work. Ask me. I’ve done it all my life.
The Good girl wakes up early.
The Good girl gets home work done.
The Good girl gets ace grades
The Good girl gets married
The Good girl works her ass off.
The Good girl does not drink
The Good girl is waiting for ‘the one’

But somewhere behind the good girl,
I have discovered has been lying dormant the bad girl.

The Bad girl who wants to smoke for no reason
The Bad girl who wants to get high on more than life!
The Bad girl who wants to explore every attraction.
The Bad girl who wants to say ‘yes, yes, yes!’
The Bad girl who wants to flirt her ass off and make goo goo eyes!
The Bad girl who wants to indulge her lust!
The Bad girl who wants somebody else’s love

I’ve always yo-yoed.
Between the two extremes
Between the bad, and the good
guilt making me swing,
overpowering all else…

But at 32, life’s not about
bad or good.
good or bad.

I am realising, that it’s just about being true to yourself. It’s truly about having no rules, no wrongs or rights except what your heart says is all-right.

Increasingly, it’s become about about allowing myself to flow with the tide… Be it of passion in pursuing a new hobby which may not lead anywhere or discovering the difference between lust and love. Between the now and the forever which may never happen.

Most importantly, it’s becoming all about growing up, about realising the infinitesimally fleetingness of time. About knowing that if I didn’t take up this moment for what it was — it would never come back.

I am realizing, it’s about allowing yourself to roll with the dice, playing your hand, the best you can. It’s about saying yes to all I desire… and no to stereotype!

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