Graphic Story: A Warmer Winter

Have you ever been on a date you didn’t know was a date? Have you ever felt sparks so intense with someone your mind explodes? Have you been with someone who makes your favourite things seem even more dear?

Jo and T met on Tinder, and the rest went down in Instagram posts.

Story By: Pooja Krishnakumar
Illustrations By: Krupali Patel
In collaboration with Tinder

This story was about:

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Jo Krishnakumar is a trans queer researcher interested in all things sex, sexuality, gender and how different groups/people experience these wor(l)ds. Their work is informed by their constant learning/unlearning of the privileges they have due to their social location as a dominant/oppressive caste person (Nair) while also occupying space as a (mentally) disabled trans person of colour. Find them on their unfinished webspace

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