Happy 5th Birthday Gaysi Family !

You know how one always remembers the 5 year old you?

Precocious. Brash. Adorable. Smart as a whippet.

Well folks, on this auspicious date we are making more of just those kinda memories!

Today our very own L’Infant Terrible, Gaysi Turns A Fabulous Five ! 

Circa 2008. The Gaysi Family was born out of heartbreak, serendipitous collaboration and an acute vacuum in the Indian consciousness of queer emotion. Since its humble beginnings as a blog ( if you are really curious, take a trip back into the past here ), Gaysi has come a long way.

And never have we made larger bounds and leaps than in this past year – the 5th since its inception. Gaysi has taken on an offline avatar that now doesn’t just speak about meetings between the queer and mainstream, but creates them.

  • We’ve seen three editions of Dirty Talk, our open-mic event, with the amazing Stephen Fry making a grand appearance at one which featured on the BBC!
  • We’ve had the commercial launch of India’s first queer journal and our homegrown publication – The Gaysi Zine – across three cities!
  • We’ve watched your stories and voices on the Gaysi Family blog reach readership of thousands – something we have never seen before!

Behind the scenes: we’ve seen many amazing partnerships, creative projects and new writers. And as with any good story, we’ve also had our fair share of fights, heartbreak, change and loss. The Gaysi Family is very much like you and I – a couple of knocks don’t stop it from getting better and better.

Its an exciting time to be Queer in India and the world over. Yes, we are still fighting for mainstream acceptance! Yes, the supreme court has judgement to pass someday very soon! Yes, LGBTQ and Queer and Gay are just arcane words for most of society!

But as Gaysi moves ahead into 2014 eager to see what it has in store, we know it all comes down to one thing – All of Us.

Our voices, our memories, our secrets, our fight, our good good life.

Thanks for being a part of The Gaysi Family. Keep Reading.

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