Happy New Year! (I’m Just 9 Days Late…)

It’s MJ’s fault – she’s stopped nagging me as efficiently as she did in the past when it came to writing posts on Gaysi. I think she’s too busy sowing her wild oats.

So how was the last year, peeps? Here at Gaysi we’ve had a super busy one. We had our usual posts about Events, Opinions, Fiction and of course… cue scary music (or drum rolls, as you please)PODCASTS! As usual, we were not free of controversy. But we live, we learn and hopefully, we have fun along the ride.

This year has already promised to be special. Gaysi is organising ‘Dirty Talk’ as part of the QAM Pride festivities. Details are coming soon and all you ladies who love ladies (even men who love ladies) – watch out… knowing MJ, she might even convince Vidya Balan to make a special appearance. Just nobody tell Vidya Balan about the podcast. Yes THAT podcast. Men who love men, please write to MJ and demand that your dreamboat make a special appearance. If you’re nice (or perhaps naughty, keeping with MJ’s style) she might hear you out.

In 2012, we at Gaysi hope that those of you who have been silent lurkers (we have stats to prove you exist!) will find your v0ice and say hello. A good place to start is here in the Gaysi Community Forums.

Cathartist, our AMAZING editor, told us that we should branch out into posts about everything and not just LGBTQ stuff. And she’s right (as always). Why don’t we review books that we love or places that we travel to or share recipes? Books, Destinations and Food don’t have to be LGBTQ themed to be featured here. I’m always wondering what book to read next and I certainly don’t decide based on how many gay characters there are in the book. Similarly, I’m also always wondering if certain places are safe to travel to – not just as a woman but as a queer woman, so I’d love to read reviews and write-ups from people who’ve been there and can shed some light on the matter. And food! We need some rainbow themed recipes. What’s more, Gaysi is a space for all queer desis. Desis also include our brothers and sisters in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and all countries they reside in. We’d like to hear all these voices on the platform. To set the ball rolling we’ll be featuring a video (and a few words shared exclusively with Gaysi) tomorrow from …okay, we’ll let that be a surprise.

So all of you who have always wanted to write – go on! Do it. Details on how to go about submitting a piece can be found here.

Have a wonderful 2012, filled with love, happiness, peace and lots of fun!

A note from MJ

Our last and final (we promise!) appeal to donate to the Queer Azaadi Movement March. There are many ways to do this.

– Through Gaysi PayPal account:


– Cheques/Cash can be dropped off at the Humsafar Trust office at:

The Humsafar Trust/Center for Excellence (CEFE)Riviera CHS, Flat 1, Ground Floor15th Road, Near RBI Colony, Santacruz (W) Mumbai 400 050.

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