How Do I Mend My Broken Heart?

[Guest Author : Saakshi O. Juneja]

Important Notes:

*An old post republishing it here. Though originally written with a hetero-perspective but at the end of the day could be applicable to one and all. After all a relationship is a relationship is a relationship.

*This list has been compiled by two friends who are completely useless when dealing with matters related to the heart. Therefore cannot/should not be held responsible in case any of the suggested technique(s) backfire.

*The role of the author of this blog was a) eavesdropping b) making points c) publishing.

*We wish you a (heartfelt) quick recovery.

The Dos and Don’t List :

  • Watch re-runs of every/any slapstick comedy you can grab your hand on. Will & Grace, Goodness Gracious Me, Absolutely Fabulous,Mind Your Language, Ulta Pulta and such like come with proven ‘healing’ track record. If the Broadband connection actually serves its purpose at your end of the world, then why not try YouTube.
  • Kindly stop spying on the ex on social networking sites. Also block them on your Instant Messengers. Trust me, you never know what harm certain status updates are capable of causing.
  • Socialize to the maximum. But be careful, too much of a cry baby you are the further away people will run from you.
  • Avoid watching the following genres of films at all cost: Romance, Family Drama, and Romantic Comedy.
  • What’s allowed: Horror, Action, American Teenage flicks, Mr. Bean series, Jackie Chan starrers, etc. (Under special circumstances: Porn)
  • Similarly, wiping out of all love songs (happy and heartbreak ones) from your iPod list is a must. Trance and Alanis Morsitte usually helps.
  • Beat up anyone (even if your best buddy) who thinks their singing the “Aditi song will help you clean up the blues. On the other hand send out premium quality abusive emails to the folks behind this God forsaken lyrical crap.
  • The act of Flirting is highly recommended. However extreme caution in matters related to S-E-X is advisable.
  • Saturday night drinking with friends can do wonders to the glow on your face. But remember: No drink and drive.
  • (if applicable) Trips to Godly places ain’t gonna serve the purpose.
  • (if applicable) Turning Atheist won’t help either.
  • Exercise. Go for long walks. Take your dog, cat….tiny cousins basically anything you can put on a leash.
  • (if applicable) Nothing compares to Retail Therapy. So if you have the means, splurge baby splurge.
  • Motto to be followed: There may be no man (woman), there may be no love, but by god, there will always be dancing. (Credit : Words of a friend who in turn ripped it off from My Best Friend’s Wedding)
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