How To Embarrass Yourself

Here are five ultimate ways to embarrass yourself in front of your crush. Tried, tested and approved. (Yes,I have been there, done that.)

1. Send the wrong text message: Type a message describing how you feel and send it to her accidentally, instead of sending it to your friend. This will make you want to bury your face inside the sand, just like an ostrich does.

2. Call the mutual friend who has a super loud phone: Call that one mutual friend and start whining about why she hasn’t messaged or called since the last few days and how much you miss talking to her. This conversation takes place while she is sitting right next to him and can hear everything clearly.This will make you look like a smitten nut case.

3. Eat in a clumsy manner: When you meet her for dinner, keep talking to her while eating,(just because you are so excited) and end up looking like a cow chewing food and trying to moo at the same time(wonder if cows can do that?) Oh, don’t forget to wave your cutlery so much that it falls on the table next to yours.This will make you look restless and desperate.

4. Get drunk and text her: Get drunk, start messaging her, give her compliments and be flirtatious.Then get all corny and mushy. Like it wasn’t obvious enough that you’re really into her.

5. Bump into that old friend when with her: Take her out for coffee. Bump into your old friend from school after years together. Ask him to join you, since you have to be nice to him. Watch him get all nostalgic and recall incidents and stories from the past. Sit through the stories that embarrass you. The worst bit about this one is that you will have to keep smiling while he makes a complete fool of you.

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