Hug Day

It was hug day,
Atleast that’s how they used to mention it,
And by ‘they’ i don’t mean my partner,
By they, i mean- the society,
That part of the society that loves to celebrate valentine’s week,
For I doubt if they know what valentine or love mean,
But still I dive into this ocean called “society”,
Not because I want to,
But because hug seems to be a very nice phenomenon,
Just three letters,
But when you combine them together- they seem so beautiful,
Filled with warmth and affection,
Filled with love.
But, what even is love?
I seem to question my whole identity revolving around love,
I seem to question love, i seem to ask whether it’s a he , a she or they?
I seem to question my existence around love.
But when i see her,
And with her i don’t mean a girl that i am romantically involved with,
Coz i don’t know what romantic means any more,
I don’t know if i love her romantically or not,
I don’t know what love is,
But i am so chaotic that for the sake of simplicity I will use the word love.
This poem may sound very messy and chaotic,
But that is my whole existence-‘messy and chaotic’.
For the word ‘hug’,
I know what it means,
I know what its purpose is,
I know that it is supposed to provide me with warmth,
A shoulder on which i can cry and laugh and talk about weird stuff,
A shoulder on which i gently lay my chin.
It won’t judge me or my tears at all,
It won’t consider my gender or sexuality,
It will consider me as a beautiful human,
And it will see the potential in me to grow.
I know it’s hard to find such a hug,
And google says that ‘8 hugs a day is good for your mental health’,
But let me tell you,
I don’t want 8 or eight thousand hugs,
I don’t want any reason to hug,
But I definitely crave for that one human whom i can hug with all my heart,
Whom I can give my soul,
I crave for that one person,
And that one person is you,
It’s you,
But i don’t know who you are,
I don’t know who I am,
I don’t know what love is,
But I know that we exist,
And we exist beautifully and peacefully in this world of mess,
Sharing love in its own unique way,
Sharing our souls in the most ‘platonic’ way,
But, I don’t know what that means either,
But I don’t care.
Because I know this thing between us is pure,
Pure like the sun rising from the horizon,
Pure like the stars shinning,
Pure like the moonlight,
Pure like your soul,
Pure as if it was meant to be with me.

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