Hypocrite Us : The Bangalore Techie Case

The Bangalore Case where the husband cheated on the wife with another man raises a few eye brows and many questions.

Read about the case here: Sec 377 slapped on Infosys techie after wife catches his gay acts on spycam

  • I empathise with the wife, I really do. But is slapping 377 on the husband justified?
  • Would we have slapped 377 on this guy if the guy cheated on his wife with another woman and the wife caught them in ‘unnatural acts’… as per the legal parlance?
  • Would the trauma that the wife suffered be any less or any different, if the ‘woh’ had been a woman.
  • The media revealed the name of the employer and other details, which makes it easy to identify the husband. Would the case be any less serious if the husband worked at the barber shop and not an IT firm? Would they have dared to do the same if it was the wife who was the culprit?
  • We take a moral high ground when it comes to cheating on your partner. Cross your hearts and tell me, haven’t you ever cheated?
  • It takes me ages to argue with the police and get a simple FIR for stalking a woman registered against an offender. Who are these lovely policemen who registered a 377 on an infidelity case?
  • I stand for equal rights. If the wife feels cheated – grant her a divorce. If the husband caused mental trauma – demand alimony. But slapping 377; isn’t it stretching this too far with malicious intent
  • Also the journalism stoops to a new low here. Why reveal the identity of the man?

I received a string of messages from a friend who champions women’s rights and thought the man deserved no sympathy because he ‘cheated’. He stopped sending me messages when I asked him “Weren’t you in a relationship with someone when you were giving me a blowjob some years back?”

We are a homophobic and hypocritical society. Hence proved.

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