I Did Ask You Nicely


I have nothing more
to say –

at least not to you

Would you kindly
let me go?

you will call
my parents!
how old
do you think
I am?

I’ve been around for
a while now, not
new to this place

you don’t like me?
I don’t need you to.

Sir – I use this term
very lightly –
if who I am
you need only
close your eyes.
will you please
let me go?

“Justice is Blind”?
I knew you’d say that!

but in my mind,
justice is blinded
a hot poker pushed through
unbelieving eyes

the blindfold is appropriate –
you should wear one too,
but I can see
you already are

Now listen.

I am not Kejrival or Anna
there will be no dharna

but when I tire of
this detention,
I only hope you remember:

I did ask you nicely.

End Note : These are the words of an unnamed individual. Gender, age, religion unknown. Someone who is tired of oppression, and speaks with a politeness born of exhaustion. However, this is also the point at which we realise that this person’s resolve has not diminished, and from this point on, it can only keep getting stronger. It is, at worst, an idealist’s dream, and at best, a nightmare for an oppressive entity!

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