If Petra Solano And Jane Ramos From Jane The Virgin Had Their Own Spin-off Show

Some are obsessed with Friends, some with Harry Potter and others like myself, are deeply obsessed with Jane The Virgin. How amazing would it be if Petra Solano and Jane Ramos had their spin-off show?

The CW’s hit TV show Jane the Virgin has been an amalgamation of comedy, drama and heart-warming romance that I have probably rewatched over 10 times. For those who don’t know, the show is a five part series that debuted in 2014 and has been recognised for making their fans resonate with each character.

I’d usually talk about the main protagonist Jane Villanueva because she’s my absolute favourite, but Petra and JR definitely need to be talked about, too. Who are they, you ask? Petra Solano is Jane’s sister’s wife and Jane Ramos aka JR, is Petra’s first lady.

Solano was going through some messy legal battles when she was introduced to JR, a lawyer. Petra, who was always shown as the self-centred, money-minded, caught-up-in-her-dark-past kind of a woman, realised she had feelings for JR when she had a super sexual dream about her. Girl, was that some queer awakening!

Their relationship was definitely the change the series needed. While     Jane Villanueva’s hetero love life was beautiful to watch, my queer self was so excited to be a part of this new journey the show was taking. This relationship definitely helped Petra become a better human being. Might I add, she was becoming a lot more like Villanueva- the one who’s obsessed with falling in love and finding the perfect person to settle down with.

While the duo did go through some rough patch with all the lying and confusion of what both of them needed as individuals, the ending of the series had finally got the lovers together. If there were to be a spin-off series about them, I would love to see how their life turns out after they patch up.

‘Petra and JR- a queer series’ could probably be the title of the spin-off that follows the lives of the two women and about how they make things work for themselves. With JR adjusting to Petra’s life as a businesswoman and a mother of twins, to Petra accepting that she was probably always queer but was too caught up with men and their money to realise her true identity.

The series would be incomplete without some drama, twists and of course, romance all much like in JTV. Perhaps, JR finally decides to have a kid with Solano, they’re pregnant but an old flame from the past messes things up between them. JR now has to choose between her pregnant wife and her ex who was a major part of her life. They have a fling or two which doesn’t last too long and Ramos realises that she was always meant to be with Petra.

After coming clean, Petra is devastated and is unsure on whether she should forgive JR, move on and look forward to the child they’re having together or break it off with Ramos and bring up the child by herself. Conflicting, isn’t it? Petra takes some time off from Jane, works on herself and prioritises her children and business. JR ends up isolating herself to a dark place but eventually realises that it’s not too late to fix things.

Fast-forwarding  a couple of hook-ups, short-lived  relationships and some positive changes later, my favorite ladies find their way back to each other, their kid is now three years old, the twins are much older and Ramos pops the question.

“Will you make me the happiest woman on Earth and marry me?” asked Jane as she went down on one knee.

(Voice breaks) “I will. Yes, I will marry you. I love you so much.” said Petra as she quickly embraces Jane, holds her tightly and promises her to never let go.

It was two weeks later when Petra and Jane walked down the aisle together. They looked more beautiful and in love than they ever had been. Teary and happy, the love birds exchanged vows, were announced partners for life and lived happily ever after.

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