Illustration : Get Me Out Of The Mold

[Editor’s Note : When we called for submissions for the third edition of Gaysi Zine we received a lot of short stories from writers all over the world – unfortunately, far more than we are able to feature in the zine. Therefore, we are delighted to be able to publish the best of those stories here on the blog.]


I was walking down the street,

When an uncle did I meet,

He said, “O girl!

You are like a sweet pearl!

But why are you dressed so?!

You are a beauty, not a crow!

Why do you walk like a man;

Have you joined the wrong clan?”


I said, “Uncle, this is how I am!

Generally I don’t give a damn!

But, you are my dearest,

So, let me remind you of a story from the memories best.

Remember your sugary muffins with honey on top?

Once you start you would not stop!

My dad would go mad,

Saying so much sugar is bad!

For a diabetic like him,

It was a situation grim.

And you told my father,

‘Why do you even bother?

Everyone has one’s own muffin

So why all this huffin’ and puffin’?

You can go with cheese and salt,

Or pick up a single malt.

You don’t have to get so cold,

Come on! Get out of the mold!

Now, if it still bothers you,

I don’t give a shit to your point of view!’”


Uncle came closer with a smile,

Proudly said, “I love your style!

Am sorry for what I said.

Open your wings and make them spread.

Fly around with all your might,

For no cage is strong enough to keep you tight!”


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