“I’m One Of The Good Ones”

Some of the bloggers say all the “good ones” have been taken. Hey… I am right here. And I am good, believe you me. And I’m not taken. But that’s just the point – we all are the “good ones” in our own eyes. So how does one really get down to judging who is good and who isn’t? Based on looks? Based on character, personality? Based on the sex, on the intellect, on the humour? Based on dental hygiene? Based on personal quirks or the lack of them?

I give myself 11 on 10. And consequently I look for someone similar or who I can give a 12 on 10 to but for that 12, an 11 may not be good enough. In effect, at some point in life, I may actually have been with one of the “good ones” and been one of the “good ones” myself but despite the magical combo of both partners being at par, it can still turn out all wrong and fizzle out. I have met so many girls on and offline who after the first few chats became utterly boring because they had nothing more to say or contribute. It was invariably me doing the talking, me cracking the funnies, me being the life of the party of two. That was a turn-off because while I’m sure being the silent strong type is a great virtue, at the end of the day I want some challenge, some spark, some zing, someone to push my intellect or make me laugh, just as much as I am ready to do all that for you. I even want my share of silence. You may say then that these girls were not the “good ones” but to their own minds, they were exceptional and potential 10 on 10s.

So to all those bloggers, I would just like to say that what is good for one is a nightmare for the other. If you drop these notions and labels from your mind and heart, it becomes far more interesting and less depressing; more importantly, it just makes for a better human to say “we didn’t click” rather than” she wasn’t one of the good ones” because someone out there will give you a 0 on 10 for saying it.

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