Infographic: LGBTQ Bullying In India

Did you know that Bullying is a Human Rights Abuse? It is not a hate crime or just a serious problem LGBTQ young adults face in our culture, but a pervasive manifestation of power play and what is considered “acceptable”.

Are there any honest conversations in India on what bullying is and how to tackle it? In the past few years, there have been a lot of talk about gender equality, breaking stereotypes and expressions, and how IPC 377 continues to haunt the LGBTQ community in India. Yet there is no data or archival of narratives on how the LGBTQ youth copes with such terrible abuse.

Adults still have access to a support structure. It is time to reflect on the realities of millions of young adults, and what educational institutions and organisations must do to stop haters from hating.

You may think bullying is not your battle. Think again. And while you do that, here’s an infographic on how bullying effects us all.

*Thank you Your Dost for helping us with some of the research data. 


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