InstaQueers You Should Give An InstaFollow V.1

The Queer Community has always, always banked on the likes of Facebook and Instagram to mobilise and act, and some of us out here are doing the most brilliant work with social media.

We’re out with a super list of some of the most amazing desi artists, activists, projects and performers we know today on Instagram and you should definitely check their work out and hit that follow button!

1.Veer Mishra (@v.ierd)

Veer is an illustrator based in Delhi creating the most yummy illustrations surrounding the body, its desires and its various nuances.

2. Sanika (@thejackfruitslayer)

With their squiggly lines and fascinatingly detailed style of illustrating, Sanika is super talented illustrator who lets their work speak for themself.

3. Prashansa Gurung (@prashansagurung)

Prashansa is a filmmaker based in Mumbai. She is also the founder of Ishaqnaama which is a photo documentary project that aims to collect 100 tales of queer/alternative love before and after the ruling on India’s Section 377.

4. Ishaan Nair (@ishaannair7)

Ishaan Nair is a freelance director, photographer, and writer based in Mumbai. You can check out his profile for stunning portraits.

5. The Queer Muslim Project  (@thequeermuslimproject)

The Queer Muslim Project strives to create safe and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ Muslims.

6. The Chinky Homo Project (@thechinkyhomoproject)

The Chinky Homo Project is a queer digital and print anthology of North East India

7. Aravani Art Project (@aravaniartproject)

Aravani Art Project is a collective movement working to enable the Transgender Community through visual arts, socially inclusive experiments and magic.

8. Queer Bolly Memes (@queerbollymemes)

This is the place to go if you want a barrel of laughs. This page has got it right with making queer memes out of Bollywood content!

9. Shilok Mukkati (@shilok_mukkati)

Shilok is a trans activist based in Bangalore. She is a multi-talented dancer, theatre artist, and writer. She also works as a freelance journalist.

10. Teenasai Balamu (@grapeguitarbox)

Teenasai is a Queer musician based in Bengaluru. They write cheesy songs and cover songs in multiple languages. They also have their debut EP (smol album) coming out this year!

11. Shiva (@shivacid)

Shiva is an artist based out LA. If you want your feed blessed with his aesthetic AF posts, check his profile out here!

12. Bidisha Mohanta (@thebidishamohanta)

Bidisha is an out and proud lesbian woman who also just happens to be a beautiful singer! You might recognise her from India’s Got Talent where she won over the hearts of many people. She also performs as a drag king. Her alter-ego is called Badshah Mayur. She is super vocal about her views on body positivity, feminism, and queer issues.

13. Raqeeb Raza (@daintystrangerphotos)

Raqeeb is an academic and photographer based in Delhi. They capture intimate portraits and intricacies of male sexuality.

14. LGBT History of India (@lgbthistoryindia)

LGBT History of India is an archive of ancient sex positive India- a much needed and interesting resource.

15. Anjali Lama (@anjalilama_official)

Anjali Lama is a trans model from Nepal razing down every glass (and whatever other elemental) ceilings and grounds there are to chase her dreams
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