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Bhaavna Arora is the author of two bestsellers – The Deliberate Sinner and Mistress of Honour, both of which have been received well by the Indian audiences, as well as critics. Her third upcoming book, going to be published by Penguin Books, is due for release in September 2016. With this release, Bhaavna is going to be one of the few Indian women authors writing on the controversial, yet pressing issue of bisexuality. Being a 4th generation army kid, she is a die-hard fan of the Indian Army and also a true patriot. Owing to this background she has had a colourful childhood while growing up and studying in different cities.

Team Gaysi catches up with the fantastic lady for a short chit-chat.

bhaavna arora_picQ. Do you feel that Indian societal structure gives much importance to monogamy as the RIGHT way of being?

I don’t think monogamy is restricted to just the Indian societal structure. It’s deep rooted in the very foundation of a relationship between two partners. It has been seen as an unsaid rule for healthier, stronger relationships to establish a way of life from the perspective of the society, of course. More so to regulate the society, it’s seen as one of the pillars of strong and robust bonding between two people. But if you ask me personally, I will go with the adage, “Love is cursed by monogamy.”

Q. Women from time immemorial have been denied of sex as a means to pleasure and sensual gratification. The whole purpose is but procreation. What do you had in mind when you spoke of women orgasms in your writings?

Women have been denied the pleasures of the flesh for two reasons: One, they don’t know what an “orgasm” is. I mean, honestly, there are hundreds of women who have never experienced one. To some extent, I feel it’s a blessing because if you know about it and have tasted that pleasure, and still don’t get it, it becomes a curse. ?The second reason is that the ones who know about it don’t demand it thinking that they will be termed as goatish by their respective partners. The fear makes them smother their need for an orgasm.

Humans are one of the species that have sex not just for procreation, but pleasure as well. Why deny yourself the most beautiful feeling ever known to mankind? My advice to all the women out there; ‘Go ahead, ask for it! It’s your goddamn right. If you partner gets judgmental on this, then he anyway doesn’t deserve you.’

Q. Love or lust? Which do you think is a greater driving force?

Lust is easier than love and most of the times we as humans are looking for instant gratification. Love, on the other hand is a hard, long and tedious journey, although it’s the most natural attribute one is born with. Lust only makes love profane.

Q. Heteronormativity is the law of the land in our country. Any deviation is seen a crime. In your upcoming novel you risk the censure and discuss bisexuality. Please talk to us about the process for the same?

In my next book, I’ve spoken about bisexuality very explicitly. Again, talking about love, I don’t think that it should be governed by any higher principle or law. Love should be, or is rather meant to exist freely. We have the right to love anyone we want. Why should any barrier like gender, caste, creed, religion, etc., come in the way?

Q. Are all of your works pure fiction? Fantasies created through the deep labyrinth of your imagination? Or are there autobiographical anecdotes interspersed in them?

Reality is more bizarre than fiction. I do my research well on any topic that I write about. Even if my personal experiences go into it, I don’t shy away from telling the truth. I often put myself in the shoes of the protagonist – who is often the strong, classy, intelligent and independent girl, Rihana – and think what I would have done in that situation. All my books conclude with something I strongly believe in. But we all evolve as humans every day and if one doesn’t, then he is not in the right place.

Where my first book, The Deliberate Sinner talks about infidelity and how it’s perceived differently by society for a man and a woman, my third book, talks about honesty being more important than fidelity in a relationship.

I think I’ve evolved as a human and as an author in my journey of writing these three books on very different topics, though with the same passion.

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