Interview : The Sexy & Audacious Mr. Gay World India

Hey Folks. Meet Sushant. He is a handsome and intelligent boy, who initially comes off as shy and reserved. Little did we know what a riot he is!

We were most intrigued by this self-made man; someone who popped onto our radars out of the blue, as the contestant from India for the pageant Mr. Gay World. So we set out with our camera and humor in hand, and chatted with Mr. Divgikar.

In his interview you will see his ambition to stand up for the community in India and more importantly, his determination to win! He has spent many weeks prepping himself and practicing his courtesy bow. Although the competitors are some really handsome people from the world over, we do not doubt that Sushant will mesmerize the judges! Watch out judges, Ms. Congeniality (not Sandra Bullock style) is headed for you!

We at Gaysi Family wish him the best of luck from the bottom of our hearts. We will have our pompoms out cheering for him, and we know that he will return home as a glorious victor. Because if he doesn’t, we may just have to send him back. We don’t like losing!

We will keep you updated on what happens in the competition. Be sure to send him your best wishes, and more importantly, go out and vote for him by clicking on this link.

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