Is Lesbian Visibility Important?

India has always had an ambiguous relationship with sex and desire. While most narratives around this subject are aimed at straight people and heterosexual couples, there is little mention of lesbians and lesbian sex. Therefore, there exists a temptation to seek visibility and voice of lesbians, women who have sex with other women. In many ways, the relevance of this day is a reflection of the attitudes of society in general, from ancient times to modern day; heterosexism takes precedence followed by male pleasure, and lesbians are acknowledged fleetingly, and not seen as important as straight and gay people.

Hence, we at Gaysi decided to celebrate Lesbian Visibility Day (26th April) over the next two weeks and publish honest, fun and relevant articles on the said subject. There’d be pieces busting lesbian myths, stereotypical assumptions, highlighting (good and correct) representations of lesbian women in the media, uncovering gossip on lesbian sex among straight women (and men), bringing lesbian role models and couples that have made a difference in recent times, famous celebrity lesbians and much more.

We encourage you, our dear readers, to openly explore the theme and send in your thoughts as well. To contribute to the lesbian visibility campaign, please write to gaysifamily[at]gmail[dot]com.

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