It Gets Better: From a Gay Pakistani Muslim

I have tried to come up with a hearty “happy new year” post for many days now. But suffering from a debilitating affliction which strikes the best of us – Writer’s Block – I was unable to write one sufficiently creative or celebratory. But this video has shaken me out of my stupor.

I am sure all of you are familiar with the “It Gets Better” project by Dan Savage. This provides some context to this video. As an editor at Gaysi, I have read and edited many many coming out stories. Some serious, some humorous, some awkward but all very heart-felt and soul-stirring. It is indisputable that the process of self-discovery and eventually coming out is hard for all of us no matter if we are L, G, B, C, D, E or from any of the fastly growing queer alphabets. But this is further compounded for those of us who are desis and then some more for those who come from conservative religions. This video is moving as the speaker shares his journey in which he has to contend not just with homophobia but racism and parental opposition and several other obstacles. His story is also hopeful and inspirational as he reassures us that there is light at the end of the proverbial dark tunnel.

And because we’re so special (actually I pestered him a bit), NYScholartist spoke to Gaysi about why he decided to make this video:

I made this video to answer some of the hard questions that queer South Asians face in the United States and to provide a message of love, hope, and acceptance. If we can understand where we belong in this society, and what we can do to fight injustice, racism, and homophobia, then we’ll truly be able to enjoy the pursuit of happiness.

He also wishes he had more desi lesbian friends. You know what that means: Go watch the video, show some lesbian love and spread the word.

As promised by Broom, we want to feature more voices from Desis across the globe. So here’s to new beginnings and many happy endings! 🙂

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