Jodie Well Done!

Jodie Foster…I love you! I love you! I love you!

The queer virtual space is now filled with anti-Jodie garbage post her Golden Globe speech. And you know what? Such extreme reactions are not surprising at all. The reason being, be it the West or India or any country for that matter, we queers make “the coming out process” a community agenda. Especially when it comes to a well-known figure in society. We simply cannot control our urge to dictate how he/she should conduct their life…mind you, their private life.

Who the fuck cares if the person in question is not comfortable in declaring their sexuality to the world at large, or being scrutinized by panelists on various news chat rooms or having their every move invaded by gang of desperate journalists craving news bytes, any byte.

On the other hand, we never miss an opportunity to teach ethics on the issue of forced outings.

As a Queer person I believe coming out is an extremely private journey. No one else can and should lay down the terms on how we should walk this road. And the same understanding must be extended to all, irrespective of their social standing.

So stop cribbing over the fact that she came out at the age of 50 while you wore your sexuality on the sleeve at a tender age of 15. Lets just celebrate this moment with her, for her!



Dear KJO,
You can have all the time in the world. Even if it means waiting till your very last breathe.
A fellow community member

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