June : LGBTQ Representation In Indian Cinema

Indian Cinema is one of the most popular and influential medium of entertainment in India. Its take on pop culture, trends, fashion, and current politics and sensibilities has a strong influence on the Indian identities that consume it ferociously.

Over the last decade, Indian cinema has produced films and TV/web series that are contemporary, edgy, and at times challenge the hetero-normativity. We have had some interesting representations of sexuality and queer identities in the cinema.

Starting 21st June we attempt to understand how queer sexuality is being acknowledged and understood in cinema. We would be publishing pieces that speak of the diversity of desires and queer representations in cinema, the mistaken queer identities, complexities of queer relationships, and the role of the audience in impacting the creators of Indian queer cinema.

At the most fundamental level the question meant to be unraveled is – Is the discourse of queer representations in cinema evolving in response to the social developments and state of political affairs?


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