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For the woman with the whip I was Baby Slave. A brown-eyed Indian woman who loves the feel of a pounding whip against her thighs. WHACK! Something about being used and whipped makes me feel really hot and confident. Feeling out of control when there is trust and desire involved takes me to a transcendent place that I don’t get to on my own…

So many people are curious about kink – but they don’t know where to start. A lot of us have ideas that are far away from what kink really is. A lot of us practice kink when we give a love bite till it bleeds or spank our lovers in the moments of passion. Recently, a Gaysi member attended a workshop on kink, thereafter she returned with an open-mouthed excitement and she excitedly admits, aroused.

Thanks to the god of all things sexy, our recent collaborator IMbesharam.com has created a dream-come-true adult store that covers the nuts and bolts of spanking, bondage, role playing, rough sex, kink and much more.

Recently, they sent us some presents and that just set more fire to our already growing interest in kink and wanting to understand the what, why and how of kink.

This subject is rarely discussed outside closed circles, and we thought maybe it’s time to change that, and shine a light on this controversial subject.

So we are getting together to play with the nuts and bolts of kink. As a result we invite everyone who dares to expand their erotic horizons beyond the ordinary.

Do you like to give and receive intense sensations?
Do you like to eroticize power?
Do you enjoy dancing on the line between pleasure and pain?
Do you have fantasies that you don’t openly talk about?

If you are someone who enjoys the constant exchange of power with your partner that can be physical, erotic, sexual, spiritual, or, some unique combination – then this space is for you!

This Read Out Loud edition is about kink.

This is your chance to meet like-minded people, access information, resources, and gain insights about this invisible, and not easily accessible world of kink.

On this weekend- we would learn the basics of kink, discuss the set of principles that represent its core values: consent, negotiation, safety and risk reduction, communication, and aftercare; explore different areas of kink, and exchange ideas respectively. Special thanks to our partner IMbesharam – see, feel, touch and maybe (just maybe) practice with some of the tools.

For all those who are interested, please register by writing to gaysifamily@gmail.com with the subject line “ROL registration”. It’s Free Entry but we have limited seats.

Please know that this event is a sacred space – and we would all (including you) make it safe enough to talk, share, try new things, push our boundaries, and learn about naked creativity!

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