Karan Johar: To Be or Not To Be (Gay)

So the guy is Gay. I know it. You know it. Your mama knows it. Your neighbors know it. Your cousins know it. Kanta bhen knows….okay maybe this is stretching it too far. But you get the point, right?

Every single soul belonging to the Page 3 circuit is aware; they gossip, link him with several men (King Khan being the favorite but of course), pick on his dressing sense, his feminine gestures, etc etc. And yet when it comes to openly talking about it, they all seem to shy away. A brilliant example of what we call an Open Secret.

The other day I was once again asked; don’t you think Karan Johar should step out of the closet and thereby be morally responsible towards the Gaysi Community?

My reply – As my darling mama would say *ghanta*. In simple words meaning, fuck shit.

You see for me it’s a simple Math. Ideally people should judge one another as per same standards…as I mentioned, ideally. But we don’t and that’s a different story.

We the Queer folks proclaim that it’s not the world’s business as to know what happens in our bedrooms. Many of us find it convenient to stay within the closet; be it because of family, work, insecurities and reasons galore. And there are some of us who are out to only those we find important, as for world, we couldn’t give a flying crap.

Now looking at Mr. Johar from the same perspective; to me the man has done no wrong.

(Assuming) He is out to those who truly matter but plays along the – Find me a hot woman – charade, just like others from the Gay world. He doesn’t want to risk his successful business empire especially in the hands of the so-called Moral Brigade bastards. Not that they are making his life any easier off late, kabhi Mumbai-Bombay bukwaas toh sometimes Kareena ka (no) libaaz – one can only imagine the calamities that could fall upon him if he started yelling out “Gay, haanji haan main hoon”.

And most important of all, who the shit are we to dig our noses in his bedroom activities.

But yes, if he decides to then it would be awesome. Any form of encouragement is always appreciated and his coming out will surely encourage many more.

The only request I have is – boss please no more Kanta bhens, no more stereotype Dostanas and no more gay mockery in exchange for Box Office bling bling. Represent us in the righteous sense or don’t bother at all.

Hope you find a nice puppy paneer for yourself and as for the sexy chories, give me a tingle.

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