Kolkata Pride 2019: Rainbow Over The City Of Joy

Kolkata held its 2019 edition of Pride Walk on the last Sunday of the year on 29th December. The city of joy had its first pride, also India’s first-ever pride, in the year 1999. It was called the Friendship Walk. We have certainly come a long way since then, with hundreds of people attending this year’s pride. This year’s pride also had one of the longest routes at 4.4 km but that didn’t deter the spirits of the people who were so full of energy that not only the people on the road but the people in the nearby homes looking at the walk from their balconies were reverberating with the same energy. It was also poignant to see that Pride kept its political intent active this year.

Among some of the political issues raked up in this year’s pride were Trans Bill, CAA, and NRC. It also focused on the wellbeing of the sex workers and minorities of the country. There were slogans against the ruthless central administration and the top leaders who are exhibiting fascistic behavior. This year’s pride proved yet again that pride is not only a day of expression and visibility but also a day of demanding political equality and justice and uniting against everything that threatens the fabric of liberty.

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