Lets Talk About Satan & His Homosexuals

“It’s a sin. It’s an abomination. If you’re homosexual, God hates you.”

Let’s talk about God and the Devil today. Satan has introduced anything that is considered as sin to humankind in order to create chaos and destruction.

His whole and sole purpose is to destroy and challenge what God created, so that he has his army to take over the heavens and break His pride.

Devil wants to corrupt humankind so that he can show God that the ones he loves the most are not his ‘perfect’ creation and he can take over them and rule.

Hence, he introduced homosexuality because homosexuality is all about lust. God created a man and a woman for a purpose. If you don’t follow that, you are against God and hence, you are satanic.

Being a follower of God, it’s our duty to preach you so that the devil does not take over the God’s Best creation; So that humanity does not suffer.

This is what all religious people are trying to preach us and think that they should try to deal with us with ‘compassion’ or else should be removed from the society. Either abandon us or kill us.

Here’s what I have learnt by coming to terms with my sexuality and gender identity. I am an androgynous homosexual:

“As long as someone is not hurting others and living his/her life happily, give them respect. The one’s who were denied of the love, love them. If you accept others the way they are, you will see the real meaning of happiness in them which, in turn, will make you happy. Respect everyone’s individuality and love them for who they are. If they spread hate, distance yourself from them because life is more beautiful with love and compassion.”

If that is what devil is doing it, then who is the God?

Think over it…

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One thought on “Lets Talk About Satan & His Homosexuals

  1. Hi my name is Peter and I’ve been dealing with Satan my whole life and I was really surprise to hear that the Boogeyman who used to lurk in my closet ,is not only horrible looking, black like charcoal,as the same as the tree of Death as you first enter into Hades, but after fighting the enemy, stabbing him and setting him on 🔥 fire, Etc not only is he a coward and is so scared of going into the lake of fire and to , this is what blew my mind away, Satan can’t create ,so how did homosexual come about did it give birth in heaven that when the Lord ask Lucifer to repent it was to late because he was deep into sin ,by descrating the sanctuary, for the other fallen angels were in awe of him that he Lucifer manipulated them into following him , which was in part of getting kicked out of heaven and as he was question by almighty God,his heart was so harden that God tested everything that came from his lying mouth was consumed with fire until he finally lit up with 🔥 from the inside out .. ashes… So Satan can’t do anything until he possess a body to carry out his perverted Acts that got him kicked out of heaven and the Lost of his trust, positions, and his beauty turn to ugly for what’s in your heart you shall become, ugly,, his wisdom is stupidity.. arrogance… So I’m baffled to find out Satan and his followers are Homosexuals. Now that is what Satan has become, he must really hate goodness,by lowering his standards to being a homosexual wanting to have sex with men, fondling their private parts and threatening to tape them as they sleep that tells me just how ugly he really is imagine that one of god most perfect angels is Gay …..

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