Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

“Wet Wednesdays”- that’s what the series of weekly erotic stories are going to be called.

Last Wednesday Gaysi published it’s first erotic story, after 75 posts that came before it. Suddenly we were accused of publishing erotica to gain more search engine traffic. We were accused of publishing “filth” and of declaring that fairy tale ideas of romance were not cool and were dead.

Really? I consider my love story with The Girl a fairy tale romance. And let me tell you, there was a lot of sex in that love story. (There still is). But what I don’t understand is why people think that sex without love, between two consenting adults, is filthy. Why is it cheap or gross? While I don’t think that anyone having sex is being “cool” or “happening”, I also  don’t think that anyone NOT having sex is “cool” or “happening”. Sex is just that – sex.

To me it’s almost as important as love. Without it, we’d all be … well we’d all be non-existent, but even if there were a way to reproduce without sex (which there is), imagine how dull and boring life would be without it.

I remember the first time I saw an Indian couple make out was while watching the movie “ABCD” (it might have been some other movie, it was about 8 years ago). The couple was dressed in traditional Indian clothes and the veshti-clad guy grabbed the sari-clad woman and kissed her fully on the lips. It was a proper kiss with tongue and lips, not the chaste Bollywood kisses that we were used to back then. The kiss to me was a shock to the system. It’s paradoxical nature – traditionally clad Indians making out like “Westerners” made me think, rather stupidly, “Oh Indians do this too”. Which is ironic, considering I was married then.

There are two reasons for me to share this embarrassing memory with you.

1) We grew up in an India that pushed sex (gay and straight) into the closet. Made it seem like something dirty and gross. I haven’t lived in India for many years now so I’m not sure what the general attitude is towards sex, but if raunchy Bollywood numbers are indicative of anything, you’d think everyone was going at it.

2) We tend to “blame” the West for anything modern or any change that happens in India. What a shame! Are Indians not capable of making progress and change? Why is modernity frowned upon as bad and attributed to any culture other than our own? Why do people feel the need to say that they grew up outside of India and imply that it means they’re progressive. For the record, I grew up in India and I’m bloody progressive, so there.

My point is, this erotic story is not about being Westernised. It’s not about being “cool”. It’s about getting out of that attitude where we think only Westerners have sex if it is without a relationship. Indians have sex. They always have. How do you think we have a population of a billion? The only difference is that now we talk about it.

And THAT’S what the blog is about, right? About talking of things that the rest of the population refuses to talk about.

If you don’t like reading erotica, that’s fine too. All our erotica posts have a clear warning that says “* Note : Contains Explicit Sexual Content“. Almost all our posts (erotic or not) have a “Continue Reading” link that you have to click to see the rest of it. If you’re going to ignore the warning and click on the link and then complain that this is something you don’t like, all I can do is shrug and say “well then don’t read it.” And you’re still welcome to read it and leave a comment about how much you disliked it (be polite though or the spam monster will eat it up.) but then don’t be upset or surprised if I or any of the other readers who support the content responds to your comment and disagrees (politely, again. We’re all good kids).

There are a lot of people who do like it. Sasha said in her post that came earlier “I grew up wishing I could read more dyke erotica, and if it were desi on top of all of that, well, then…it probably would have blown my mind. I know I would have had less years in between being in the closet and being out, thinking that I was a misfit or some deviant of my culture and society.”

Sexual attraction towards our own gender is part of what makes us gaysis as is a deep meaningful connection with our own gender. And if any of you readers have any chaste romantic gaysi stories (that are well written) please send them to us. We’d love to run a series called “Sweet Sundays” that runs proudly alongside “Wet Wednesdays”!

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