Let’s Talk Consent?

So are you ready to be all non-vanilla tomorrow at 2×2 Bar Night Powered by IMbesharam.com with your fantasies playing out in different roles? Do you think it might be fun to indulge in a little chat on safe spaces and consent?

The intent of this conversation is to get us all to talk about these issues and normalise consent as a topic of conversation. You remember the good old Michael Bolton’s sexy song “Can I touch you there?”.

Yep – that’s what we want to talk about. With You! 9:30 PM to 10:00 PM

A lot of us think/believe that talking about consent will take the joy out of the moment. So we gave a long thought to different ways one could talk about CONSENT without ruining the heat of the sexy moment. Now we can’t wait to share them with you all… Can you imagine how sexy it’d be to “hook up” or “go all the way” in a space where we feel comfortable enough to openly express what we want?

We think this is what a safe space is all about. You have fun while at the same time you respect others and their idea of fun. We believe that WE (together You and I) should co-create this safe space together. A social space where we can openly express our bodies, its desires and fantasies while respecting the bodies, desires and identities of others…

Let us talk about what we want to make of this bar night space – and what kind of safe space we want. And how does consent make a big Big BIG part of it all.

So, shall we reimagine consent issues in the context of Queer relationships?
Join us in this conversation from 9:30 PM to 10: PM tomorrow at The House in Versova.

Anushka Jhadav and Raj Merchant would be joining us for their uber sexy lives are full of uber sexy consent narratives.

Remember : Only Yes means Yes!

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