Say, what is love for you?
Your love seems too intense
Too quick, too mad, too in-my-face
Say why do I feel this?

Its these boxes of the past-
They’ve told me cis men show love this intense
Can’t take no for a no.
But here you are scaring me,
A woman in love this intense

Whose frame do I use now?
My body triggers the one Ive always been used to
A straight man’s frame.
But isn’t love without frames?
Isn’t love beyond definitions?
Or is this a tacky game we might as well not encounter?

I let the thinking come while I heal this body
This body culturally confined to listen to spaces
and respond to places,
in order to protect, in order to survive.

It never was about these frames
I refuse to take on another
Your love I’m making mine
A slow, conversational one.
One where I say no aplenty
One where I listen wholeheartedly
One where I feel wrapped in pleasure
of your mere presence decidedly.

I refuse to call it romantic
I refuse to call it monogamous
I refuse to call it bisexual
I refuse to call it conditional.

I release my body to its pace
I dream up dreams of a slow crock pot love
A love that goes beyond a world of labels
A chance to make something my own
Say, what is love for you?
I’ve told you mine, my love.

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