Love On The Dancefloor!

When I was 16, my best friend asked me what I wanted in a guy. The first thing, I told her, in my naive innocence: “He must dance well.” Years later, lots changed on the last and of course, the dancing moved out of that list.

I thought it was a sign of growing up. But, at 32, it’s coming back into my list of what-my-girl-must-know. It’s also finding itself back in the list of things — I absolutely love to do. And given that most ‘meeting up’ opportunities with other women present themselves in parties, dancing seems to be a verbal lingo which one must get familiar with!

A friend, who I came out to, muttered to me wisely at a New Years Eve party — when I refused to let anyone waltz into my space, “Babe, if you can’t even close-dance, how will you get comfortable? Be bold!” I misconstrued her words for interference and refused to talk to her for weeks.

The truth hit home many weeks later, when I danced like a maniac with a gay boy and a friend whose life I had dropped out of. Matching steps with an 18-year-old renewed our bond; so much so that we did all we could to fix him up on a date and succeeded! Dancing on ‘Saat Samundar Paar’ for sure will be an everlasting memory, and the 19-something boy will be a friend for life. The dance floor was a great leveler and a perfect place to make up, with this friend who forgave my absence for weeks!

I didn’t need any one to tell me that two girls I was watching on the floor were a couple – I could see the passion steam up the floor. Like I didn’t need to know that a stranger wanted to get to know me better, when she interrupted an intense conversation to get me on the floor! Most importantly, I figured no place worked better to discover the presence or absence of chemistry in four lines, than the dance floor! Don’t believe me — then check out the synchronized dance moves in the 2005 Brit lesbian film ‘Imagine Me & You’ as Rachel and Luce discover their mutual attraction in a dance arcade.

Dancing, I realise, is like verbal foreplay. And it tells you more about a woman than what she will.
If she’s drunk and falling all over you, she’s also falling over a lot of other women!
If she’s interested, she will maintain eye contact throughout while dancing.
Where her hands go, will tell you more about her intentions than any verbal statement will.
If she dances many songs with different people on the floor, then she is most likely to be great friend and very popular.
And yes, if she gets two more friends to make a current duet– a group item, then you better back off.

How she holds you, will reveal almost instantly about how her touch in bed will be? Will she be aggressive, shy or simply gentle and loving.
What’s more, who she dances that last song before the lights come on, will always say a little more about how she feels!

So ask me again, what I like in a girl and along with mental foreplay – I am going to put, ‘must dance my feet off’ as the next must have… After all, what else would help me understand a woman faster than multiple days on chat, reading her profile or even umpteen cups of coffee in person will!

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