“The Principles of lust are burned in your mind.

Do what you want, until you find love.”

– Enigma


Man eyes woman. Woman eyes man. Man approaches woman. Woman leans forward. Man meets woman. Woman entices man. Man gets aroused. Woman entices further. Man sweats passion. Woman gets aroused. Man probes. Woman allows. Man explores further. Woman gets snogged. Man gains hardness. Woman notices. Man enters. Woman permits. Man thrusts further. Woman screams rape.

Male lecherousness is unpardonable. Female salaciousness isn’t. The vagaries of mankind. The unquestionable laws of society. The irrefutable rules of civilisation. It’s not about culpability. It’s about lust. It’s not about reprehensibility. It’s about urges. It’s not about legality. It’s about the rules of desire. It’s not about acceptability. It’s about the axioms of yearning. It’s not about ethicality. It’s about the laws of attraction. It’s not about morality. It’s about the principles of pleasure. Its varied forms. Its multiple manifestations. Its distinct tentacles. Its deep foundations. Its un-suppressible nature.

Lust is natural. So is feminine sensuality. To lust after a sensuous woman is a masculine necessity. To seek a handsome man is a feminine prerogative. To crave sensuousness is natural law. To seek pleasure is for purposes of release. To release tension. To relieve pressure. To alleviate physiological knots. It’s a natural relaxant. A natural coolant. A natural massage. A natural form of entwined entanglement. For entangling pleasure. For fulfilling fantasies. For realising desires. For living dreams. It’s impulsive. It’s instinctive. It’s what nature intended. It’s what nature proposed. It’s what nature propagated. It’s what nature lyrically composed. A sexual hymn. A sensuous ballad. A gyrating Macarena. It’s a visceral yearning. A primal need. A primordial one. For all eternity.

Laws protect women. Against men. Laws safeguard women. Against masculine advances. Laws preserve feminine dignity. Against masculine aggression. Nature bestows urges. But morality disposes it. Nature promotes desires. But morality disapproves of it. Animal instinct is natural instinct. But animal instinct diverges from moral instinct. Morality is socially concocted. But physical instinct is naturally brewed. Sex is natural. Sexuality is naturally bestowed. Sex is taboo. Sexual restraint is a social necessity. Sexual lessons aren’t imparted. Yet sexual indiscretions abound. Sex is a quotidian indulgence. Yet sexual repression is pervasive. Pervasive repression that triggers crimes of passion.

Notions of sex discomfit society. Expressions of sex disconcert society. Interpretations of sexuality distress society. A fundamental discomfort over all things sex. A discomfort over natural endowments. A discomfort over natural inclinations. A discomfort over the seeds of passion. A discomfort over the juice of loins. What’s right is what’s not wrong. Man has made rules of conduct. Rules of social behaviour. Behaviour that contrasts with nature. Urges forcibly stumped. Arousals perpetually dwarfed. Consensual release being a societal must. Harassment slapped when not. Unrequited passion is dangerous. Unreleased tension is debilitating. Unfulfilled lust is destructive. Physically. And socially.

The forces of seduction are omnipresent. The thrills of seduction are omnipotent. The powers of seduction are all-pervasive. The limbs of seduction are vicariously savoured. Forbidden love is thrilling. Primal fantasies are exciting. Debauchery is intoxicating. Illicitness is electrifying. Wantonness is exhilarating. Polygamy embraces variety. Monogamy breeds monotony. Polygamy is enticed by many. Monogamy is bypassed by many more. Why then the manacles? Why then the shackles? Why then the curbs? Why then the restrictions? Why then the boundaries? Why then the ethical conundrums? Why then the moralistic enigmas?Physiology will triumph regardless. Against social expectations. Against social order. Against societal regulations. Against universal principles of acceptable demeanour. This ain’t a conjecture. It’s a fact. It’s logical. It’s biological. It’s scientific. So why fight nature?

Prostitution is supposedly unholy. To be a whore is contemptible. To be a harlot is disdainful. To be a concubine is scornful. The contempt. The condescension. The disrespect. The demeaning vulgarity of it all. The distasteful after taste of it all. According to some. The ones being disdainful are the ones indulging in carnal pleasure with the purveyors of lust. The ones being contemptuous are the ones chasing after the grand carnal prize. The ones slighting the perpetrators of lust are the ones who desire them the most. So why the hypocrisy? Why the double standards? Why the varying rules for varying circumstances? Why the partiality towards one over another?

Pornography is frowned upon. But pornography can be classy. Classic erotica. A tasteful production. Pornography can be insightful. A guiding light. An invaluable lesson. A lesson in technique. Of style. Of substance. Of posture. Of position. A lesson in sexual wisdom. But pornography can also be diabolical. Pornography could engender non-consensual sadomasochism. It could engender sodomy. It could endanger children. It could be a social blessing. Or it could be a social heresy. A matter of perspective. A matter of content. A matter of what people are willing to indulge in and what they are unwilling to indulge in. A dichotomy of what’s acceptable and what’s not.

Then come the unmentionable. The unutterable. The unspeakable. Those that fall miles outside the periphery of social tolerance. Of social debate. Of societal comprehension. Adultery. Bestiality. Incest. Orgies. Paedophilia. Voyeurism. Acts privately pondered. Acts furtively practiced. But publicly denied. Acts privately engaged in. Acts discreetly indulged in. But publicly disgraced. Acts socially blockaded. And publicly bludgeoned. Acts performed in solo or in groups. Of swinging escapades and couples exchanges. Of chemical pills and poppers. Of performance enhancers and parts enlargers. Of objects of elasticity and plasticity. Of toys of rubber and leather and feather. Of fabrics of silk and satin and nylon. The indulgers basking in the glow of sexual liberation. Of personal salvation. Against social humiliation. Of personal gratification. Against social mortification.

To whip or not to whip is a matter of preference. To sling or not to sling is a matter of inclination. To scat or not to scat is a matter of tolerance. To cuff or not to cuff is a matter of inhibition. To thrust or not to thrust is a matter of choice. To be bound is a matter of bondage. To be blinded is a matter of submission. To inflict pain is a matter of sadism. To endure humiliation is a matter of masochism. What matters is how much one is willing to let go. To fulfill one’s sexual longings. To justify one’s sensual yearnings. To pursue one’s boundless expanses of primal passions. To relinquish control. To give in to desire. To not free oneself from desire. With no freedom from desire.

Love minus sex is incomplete. Lust minus sex is frustration.

Love plus lust is heavenly. Lust plus passion is ethereal.

Lust plus frustration is aggression. Aggression plus frustration is violence.

Let people be. Let people indulge. Provided it’s consensual. Let nature take its course. Let people un-suppress their animal spirits. Let people resurrect their untameable animal nature. People are, after all, intrinsically indistinguishable from fellow inhabitants of this planetary space. Too much rationalism. Too much religion. Too much morality. Too many regulations. Too many conditions. Too many trifles. All for nothing in the larger scheme of things. At the end is the end of life. Why all the fuss? For what? There is no judgment day. So let’s enjoy. Let’s seek purity. The purity of nature. The purity of innocence. The purity of purity. Bring on the 21st century Adams and Eves. Along with the new millennial Woodstock!

Free loving is the free currency. The currency of harmony. The credit note of peace. Peace to all. Peace in Peace!


“Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another”


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