Mumbai’s Queer Azadi : A No-Show

Gaysi Supporter in New Delhi : Picture taken by Milinda Rajapaksha

Well at least the Gaysis at New Delhi’ Naz Celebrations had a good time. I so wish I could say the same about the one we had in Mumbai city. Na na don’t shake your head in disbelief or like me be fooled by the super energetic quality of crowd which had turned up last year at the Pride celebrations. This was so not the scene this time round.

But one cannot blame Mumbai’s Queer janta for this kind of no-show. I mean, having it on a Friday, a week day is bad enough, did it have to be between 3PM to 6PM? For Raj Thackeray’s manoos’s sake, this is Mumbai city; here we sweat from our behind just to keep up with growing rents and other pollution inhaling expenses and you expect us to leave aside our source of aamdani only to gather at one small dingy (not to mention, stinky) corner of Azad Maidan. I do realize that I am sounding like someone’s pampered puss, but hey weren’t the Pride Marches this year called off by the various Queer communities on the sole reason of “summer heat” in the months of June & August.

Media Hunting topping the list

Anyway, cutting to the scene at Azad Maidan, honestly can’t say much…on second thoughts might as well get one of the journos covering the event to write this damn post …since they were the ones hogging the attention of those in-charge and the most sought after. Yes fuck hell – bitter I am! Imagine all your aspirations of interviewing the likes of Laxmi Tripathi & Manvendra Singh Gohil being thrown for a toss over Burkha Dutt’s “We” people and Arnab Goswami’s gangsta clan. Yup being in front of the camera (or Page 3) beats being a budding blog’s interview prospect any bloody day.

Laxmi Tripathi with her friends

Then there were the Pink Money grabbers; from party organizing pinkies to the gay travel experts. Advertising and networking seemed to be their prime focus and rightly so. This reminds me, Broom you better send in some money for printing Gaysi visiting cards; this kind-da crap really does work.

Mumbai Supporter sporting the Gaysi Tagline

As for what was happening on the stage, sorry I couldn’t pay much attention…blame the stink and some excessive boob flashing (Celebrities I tell you!).

On the good side, oh come on haven’t you heard the phrase “B+”…so we had the Azaad Bazaar head honcho give us a thumbs up on our Disco Shanti tees aka Gaysi T-shirts. Yes it’s a big deal. But the most heartfelt experience was watching our Gaysi chicks rooting for Gaysi (logo) by sporting it boldly on their left boob.

My lovelies your booby efforts did not go in vain, your tits fetched us more than usual hits throughout the weekend. And for this we @ Gaysi shall forever be grateful.

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