My Body Is Not An Error

Doctors. Aren’t they here to help? Yes, maybe they are. But how have you asked an intersex person why they call doctors vile and inhumane? Probably because your body was not considered valid or seen as an error in this society.

On the Intersex Solidarity and Remembrance Day I want to rant about this – That the medical Fraternity is not your ally especially when they see you as a textbook subject and something that needs correction to functionally normally.

As an intersex person I faced Conversion therapy but also medication given to me without my consent, injections inside my soul burrowing their magic of correctness was now making its seeds appear – side effects of Hormone replacement therapy something that a lot of Intersex people are forced into because of mere terrible decisions taken by doctors when Intersex children are born – Life begins with their definition of what seems correct and what seems wrong.

Oh and never to forget how the doctor loves touching and feeling your breasts because he has never seen them in a “mxn”. From constant humiliation to questions that are deemed as personal are well let’s say it bestowed upon intersex people. Imagine battling this and the fraternity that is meant to heal and help you out behaves in this vile and predatory behavior.

Access to mental health practitioners and also medication is also very traumatic for intersex people with constant questions of why and what.

Intersex people spend a lot of their lives doing this emotional labor for others because they are inherently responsible to be born an error.

I as an intersex have privilege to passout as “mxn” but a lot of us do not. Mainly because privilege does play a huge role in our lives to just exist and just exist that very moment alone. We invest so much of energy ( ATPs) in fact to just stay and breathe.

So my rant towards ending this is that I stand with you in your pain and In your grief and here this out and let it resonate inside you.

Hear this well and let it be the sole reason you ?ght your battles! As an intersex person my call is that we will not be sorry for our existence and we will not be ashamed for our existence and that each one of us are valid and matter.

Intersex people are precious and beautiful.

The fact that many violations against intersex people pass out as routine medical protocols and investigations makes it difficult to hold doctors responsible for their deeds.

Essentially the fight here is with not our selves but also the system that is designated to help us. Intersex people are not errors – Let that sink in anyone who calls our existence mere error.

In this era we are not backing down, our voices are like gasoline catching ?re, Flames that burn eyes and shun down haters and oppressors – Be Intersexy and Keep Slaying.

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