My First Lesbian Dating Experience

Your first sexual encounter will be one of the most powerful and amazing experiences of your life while extremely intimidating. If you are with someone who is also a lesbian novice, then you both may have no idea how to get started. If you are with someone who is experienced you may feel a bit intimidated. The more tense you are in this situation, the less pleasant your experience will be. What you need to know, is that this is a learning experience for both of you. No matter how much experience your partner has, you are a different woman. This means that she may need to rearrange her skills in order to please you.

So you where do you start? You should always talk to your partner about sex before you actually engage in it. You should be open and comfortable with your partner before you have sex. The stronger the emotional connection that you have with your girlfriend, the stronger that your physical relationship will be. Talk about how you feel. Tell her that you are scared and you will see that she understands you but everyone has to have a first time.

You can also use this “talking time” as subtle foreplay to get you guys into the mood. You can tell her what you want to do to her, where you want to touch her, where you want to lick her, etc. In return, she will say exactly what she is going to do to you and what she wants you to do to her. This will certainly give you perfect direction as where she wants you to touch her. Once you start to touch her, you will start to feel more and more passionate about what you are doing.

You can let the passion sweep you away or you can play a more cautious route. Let your heart decide. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, then just let your girlfriend know. If something is bothering her she will also let you know so if all you hear her do is moan, then you are doing a great job. Once you start undressing and discovering your girlfriend’s body, you should begin to relax. Remember you should also be enjoying this glorious experience.

Your first time will be extremely exciting but it may not be the best experience. The more you practice, the better your lesbian sexual encounters will become. Make sure that fantasy is part of your encounters. If you can visualize doing something naughty to your girlfriend then go for it. If you see her doing something sinfully pleasant to you then let her know exactly what you want her to do. Just because you do not have experience, it does not mean that you do not have desires.

These desires can also come from experimenting with yourself. Before you know exactly what you like, someone has to do it to you. When you masturbate, you will discover your body and what you find pleasant. Have fun in your first lesbian dating sexual encounter and relax.

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