My Top 12 #IDontEven Moments of Being Gay

Okay. I’m gay, and I’m out. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I had informed at least twenty of my friends before I publicly came out online. They’ve asked me a lot of questions – some that I’ve taken the time to clarify, and some that I’ve gotten annoyed at, and some I’ve really found funny. I thought I’ll share just the ones below, because they were hilarious. You will find my response right below each.

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1) But… how do you do it?

No, I didn’t go into detail on that one

2) Who is the wife? Seriously.

The whole world is so used to being straight?

3) Do gay people like “gay” clothes?

Nope, stereotype

4) People are attracted to the opposite sex because there’s “an element that’s hidden”. How are you attracted to men when there’s nothing like that?

I honestly forgot how I answered that…

5) How do *you* know you’re gay?

If not me, who? The emphasis was on you. It was my sister, but she really understood in five minutes.

6) Enna da solra? *repeat 10 times over the course of an hour*

Roughly translates to dude, what are you talking about?

7) Do you have a partner? How do you know you’re gay?

My response: Do you have a wife? How do you know you’re straight?

8) Homosexuality is a difficult concept for me to perceive. I thought India had no LGBT people.

I literally LOL-ed at that one.

9) Is there a polite word for ‘gay’? Or is the word ‘gay’ okay?

Pretty fine by the standards of homophobia here.

10) When you actually become straight, don’t let the fact that you came out on Facebook influence you.

I responded: Do you realize I can’t become straight?

Dude responds: Nope.

Me: Okay

11)  I’ve shared your coming out post on Facebook with my closest friends. But I haven’t shared it publicly for “our” goodness. Our society doesn’t accept love marriages, let alone gay marriages.

I don’t know what ‘our’ goodness means. I just said okay and moved on.

12) Even I was attracted to guys. Things will change and you’ll grow out of it.


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