My “Types”- A Bisexual Thing?

I know most people have a type when it comes to whom they’re attracted to. I have a very fixed type, and I rarely, if ever step out of that type. A while it occurred to me that maybe I like the type I do because I’m bisexual. My types are the two opposite ends of the human spectrum.

It’s not that I’m intolerant of a certain kind of self-expression, or that I don’t understand it, it’s just that I’m not attracted to a certain type of person. Or rather, I’m not attracted to anyone other than the type, or types.

I’ve said this before- I like very manly men and very feminine women. So for me to be attracted to a man, he has to be tall, dark, broad shouldered, and have a certain amount of facial and body hair. So I don’t like the Imran Khan/Ranbir Kapoor type.

And I have a very fixed type of girl. Almost anyone who fits into that mould is hot by my standards and nearly everyone who doesn’t isn’t hot. I like girls with long hair and curves- I’m quite a tits and ass kind of girl. It’s not that I don’t appreciate beauty of another kind; it’s just that they’re not my type.

I’m the kind of girl who falls somewhere in- I’m neither very feminine, nor masculine. But I don’t like me so much. If I saw me walking on the street, I’d probably go- “That’s a very cool chick, but definitely not my type.” I’d definitely not proposition me. And that’s because I don’t fit my “type”. And I don’t ever think I’d fall for a girl on a motorcycle. Not that it I don’t appreciate it (I’m that girl), it’s just something I find very hard to explain.

I wonder if this is a bisexual trait. I think subconsciously for me it might have something to do with lines getting blurred. Pardon me if I’m being politically incorrect because I don’t mean to say less masculine men are like women or “butches” are like men. It’s not that. For some reason I just don’t go there. Possibly because I like both men and women, I like the ones that exhibit all the typical traits of their sex. Since I don’t know any other bisexual people, I’ve never been able to find out if it’s a me thing or a bisexual thing. I haven’t any idea what dictates these things.

What say Gaysis?

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