No More Cis Hands On My Body, Please

i love you

~i d e s i r e you

i want your body

~i want the aesthetic of your femme presentation
i want your top vs. bottom
i want your queer vs. woman

i love your non-conforming existence

~as long as it is palatable, consumable,..still conforming
break only the norms that i want broken
no unshaven calf, no curveless reality
when i take you home, i will still fuck you like a woman.

Please correct me if i ever misgender you

~i forget your they on the weekends (and around friends who
like you better as she). i will treat you like a dirty secret,
but also a rabid dog i am humbled to
care for [read: carry around as a medal]. my pronouns
are the defaults.

you are gorgeous

~in the ways you satisfy me

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Srishti Uppal is a nineteen-year-old poet and essayist from New Delhi. Their favourite writers include Alok V. Menon, Richard Silken, and Mary Oliver. Their work can be found in Marias at Sampaguitas, Human/Kind Journal, The Temz Review, among others.
Srishti Uppal

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