No Woman No Cry

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A few weeks ago, while The Girl was away on yet another business trip, I was watching some mindless TV & I suddenly felt myself get really sad. It was a weird feeling, because I wasn’t really sad & it felt like I was watching my mind being taken over (fans of Harry Potter might say there were Dementors in the room) by some unstoppable force. My brain was saying, “Huh?! But there’s nothing to be sad about.” But the heart was all, “Help! The Sadness is overpowering me!”. A couple of days later I had my period, which explained a lot. Sometimes I hate being a woman. Whoever designed our bodies was a fucking asshole. Not only do we have to bleed about every month, we also get aches & pains, get bloated & feel ugly & then to top it all – we get mood swings & depression. What the fuck was this designer thinking? Was there any vetting process when this idiot was hired?

Anyway, I bring this up because, The Girl is away again today & I have my period & my back has been hurting for 3 days now & I feel fat & just 10 minutes ago I cried while watching this video.

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