On The Count Of Three

On the count of three,
I will ask your hand for a dance,
“Come, take my hand, wanna take a chance?”
Maybe we will dance throughout the night,
Sharing this dance and a smile.

On the count of three,
I will ask your hand to be in my hand,
“I have infinite tenderness in my heart for you”,
As we keep dancing till the morning,
sharing a smile and a kiss.

One the count of three,
I will ask for your hand for a walk,
“You will call me by your name and as I will call you by mine”,
We will walk by the beach to the sunrise,
Sharing a kiss and a moment so divine.

One the count of three,
I will ask is I can recite you a poem,
“I won’t ever write anything for you,”
I cannot let you become lost among the pages,
or in words of foreign tongue or between strange faces,
I will keep holding your hand,
As the sun rays grazes along the edge of your jawline,
Blinding my eyes with hope,
Sharing an Analogy with the sunshine.

On the count of three,
I will do what I do best,
I will ask you for a coffee,
“Blue is the warmest color, you know”,
I will let my blue mingle with your red,
And as the sky will turn lilac,
Sharing this “the color purple”,
Maybe you are someone who knows purple is just for you.

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