One Secret Down

The truth is right in front of you:
You see, I’m not straight
I’m a lot of other things,
And Good at Explaining is not one of them.
So I’m writing you this poem,
And I will slide it under your door,
And when you find it and you’ve read it twice,
I hope you feel like you’ve found me too.

It’s been on my mind
For a month or two now
I’m not any different from who I used to be,
Just one secret down.

I’m not straight, you see
But I’m a lot of other things:
I’m a poet and a little too emotional
I’m a lover of cats and dogs

And I’ve read too many books this year
With magic and flowers and lost wishes
Books where happiness is easy to find
And war doesn’t exist.

I have a dimple, just the one
Hair that I’m planning to bleach
I love picnics and the mountains
And if you say the wrong thing, I’ll cry easily.

I’m scared of growing up
And I forget to finish important tasks
And sometimes, I stay awake all night
Wondering what will last.

I listen to Troye Sivan and Taylor Swift
And painting stresses me out
I live in a big city with a blank sky,
So, seeing the stars makes me cry.

And to be honest, I’m still finding myself
Learning everyday
Oh, and did I forget to mention?
I’m also gay.

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Saachi Gupta is an LGBTQ+ activist, animal lover and the author of 'With Love, or Something Like That.' She is a strong believer in equality amongst mankind.
Saachi Gupta

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